Project Bharat: Ringing in a Revolution

▶ A Resolve to Make 35,00,000 Pratinidhis Across India
▶ Pratinidhis will work hand in hand with all the verticals of The Art of Living to transform their villages/wards into Model Villages

     Benaluru, Karnataka: The Art of Living celebrated December 20, 2018, to January 20, 2019, as the “Pratinidhi Month,” a part of The Art of Living’s social development initiative, Project Bharat. As part of the celebrations, nationwide Pratinidhi Mahotsav Nav Chetana Shivirs were organized from January 24th to 27th with Gurudev himself addressing the Pratinidhis on the final day.

     In mid June last year, Gurudev launched Project Bharat with the intention of taking peace, harmony, and prosperity, to each and every one of the over 7 lakh villages and wards across India.

     Under this project, 5-10 individuals would be picked from each village to become Pratinidhis who would then work hand in hand with all the verticals of The Art of Living to transform their villages or wards into Model Villages. As Gurudev says, if five individuals who have a commitment to see their village prosper take a stand and resolve to achieve this goal, to make their areas spiritually strong and peaceful, to build a joyful community, it would bring a very big revolution in the country.

     Foreign consumer products are being sold even in our villages today, with rural markets growing twice as fast as the urban markets. The youth in the village need to play an active role in educating those around them regarding the economic drain this is causing.

     Farmers need to be encouraged to adopt natural farming techniques to save the fertility of the soil and protect the health of the people. Steps need to be taken to conserve our environment, our land, our water resources, and our wild life. With the support of The Art of Living, the Pratinidhis can be trained to shoulder these responsibilities.

     Commodore H.G. Harsha, Chairman, VVKI, says, “Reaching out to 700+ districts, 5410+ Talukas and 6,49,000+ villages and create over 30 lakh Pratinidhis is a humongous task. The Art of Living teachers and volunteers are working tirelessly to make this a reality and by the end of this year, we are sure to achieve this goal.” So far, Seva Yodhas (taluka level representatives who will be leading a cluster of 100 villages) have been appointed in 70% of the talukas and nearly 1 lakh Pratinidhis have been identified under Project Bharat from across thousands of villages across India. As Debjyoti Mohanty, National Director, YLTP, says, “Project Bharat” intends to take Gurudev’s social development initiatives to the last man standing in all 600,000+ villages of India.”