Mobile App to Save Lives During the ‘Golden Hour’

     Bhubaneshwar, Odisha: The “Golden Hour” is just that - the hour following an accident that is a golden window to do the right things, in a trained and safe way; to rush an accident victim to the hospital. To spread this important concept, The Art of Living has been conducting an awareness-cum-signature campaign in Bhubaneshwar from 11th January, 2019. The campaign is on the crucial issue of road safety and the role of each and every member of the public in making roads and pathways safe. The volunteers also familiarized the public about a very useful app called ‘G1 (Jeevan)’, an Art Of Living project conceptualized in collaboration with a private company.

     The G1 app brings together on a single platform three responders: the trained responder who is nearest to the accident site, the ambulance service, and the nearest standard hospital, be it a private or a Government one. Once the app is installed and opened when needed at an emergency site, the volunteer, while giving first aid as per emergency responder training, activates the app, alerting the nearest 108 or a private ambulance service. Simultaneously, the responder will also alert the hospital that an accident casualty is coming from the specified location.

     GPS is used for the alerts to the various service providers. Moreover, if the call is made from the casualty’s mobile, the hospital automatically gets pre-fed medical data, like the casualty’s blood group, health status such as diabetes, blood pressure, and so on. This reduces time taken for diagnosis on arrival. In the next step of the campaign, 1500 volunteers including college students, community volunteers and activity based clubs, in the age group of 18-45, are also being trained in Emergency First Responder measures.

     A week-long campaign reached out to the public to inform them about the G1 app, and to educate about road-safety measures, using of helmets and seat belts. A 3-day Training of Trainers (TOT) was conducted from 18-20 December for 23 participants. The graduates of the program, who are qualified as trainers, have received certificates at a function where Shri Priyadarshi Mishra, MLA, Bhubaneshwar was the Chief Guest.

     Other dignitaries also graced the occasion. The entire campaign and its various programs were co-ordinated by Vimal Kumar Singh, State Coordinator, and Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra, State Master Trainer. They and their dedicated team aim to take this important mission across the state of Orissa, training one lakh volunteers in Bhubaneshwar alone. With their commitment and dynamism they hope to bring people together and organise similar multi-pronged campaigns in other states of the country too. India has been witness to a high rate of road accidents. With initiatives as this, the volunteers hope to save every life possible, because a life saved is a family saved.

Note: To organise a similar campaign in your State and for further details, please contact Vimal Kumar Singh, State Coordinator, Ph: 97767 26470Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra, State Master Trainer, Ph: 90404 79562