Hero Stories (Amit Chatterjee)

Our work is aimed at creating a healthy society and a strong nation with happy people.

     One encounter with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was all it took to totally transform Amit Chatterjee. His journey of transformation began from being another youngster with the usual life goals to being a youngster on a mission to empower rural West Bengal. He undertook the Youth Leadership Training Program and then in 2010 trained to become an Art of Living teacher which further groomed him into becoming an instrument of change.

Amit played a major role in the establishment of Sri Sri Gyan Mandir at Budbud village in Bardhaman district, where he resides. The school that had started with 15 students, now educates 200+ students. Amit has also been instrumental in establishing many Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth (VVMVP) schools in different parts of rural West Bengal that provides free education to the needy children. In 2011, Amit worked in the red zone areas of West Bengal with Ujjwal Mahato.

In March 2013, he also worked tirelessly with the YLTP team of Purulia to organize its first ever visit by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This event was attended by lakhs of people. Over the years he has grown to serve as a YLTP Master Trainer. Along with Ramdas Bhattacharjee and Kunal Roy, he has trained hundreds of youth. He travels extensively within West Bengal to conduct various other Art of Living programs like the Happiness Program, YES+, Utkarsha Yoga, Medha Yoga 1, Know Your Child, and Know Your Teen.

In the past two years, the entire team is bringing a revolution of youth leadership in the state. Through his workshops youth experience great transformation and resolve t o s e r v e s o c i e t y . Many are inspired to serve and spread The Art of Living spirit and message by organizing Nav Chetna Shibirs, Bal Chetna Shibirs, and Yog Chetna Shibirs. Additionally, he conducts several awareness camps for many communities including farmers, people with addictions, and armed personnel as well.

He is also engaged actively in creating model villages in the state. He believes in teamwork as the mantra of success. Today, Amit is a true inspiration to thousands of youth as he continues the passion of his life – which is to spread the spirit of patriotism and spirituality amongst the youth of the nation.