Helping Children Access Their Intuitive Abilities”

Prajna Utsav - 7000+ “Super Kids” Gather at Bengaluru Ashram

     On October 2, 2018, over 7000 children and teenagers from across India, all graduates of The Art of Living’s Prajna Yoga (Intuition Process), gathered at the Bengaluru Ashram for a day-long “Prajna Utsav” – a day filled with fun, exciting games and activities, and deep meditation. The highlight of the event was a demonstration by these Prajna Yoga graduates of their natural intuitive abilities to perceive beyond the senses

     They were able to read, see colors, follow actions, and identify pictures with eyes blindfolded. There was Vishnu who, with his eyes closed, solved the Rubik’s cube in lightning speed; there was blindfolded Nikky who followed the strokes and colors of a parallel artist, there was Shafa who could tell your Nadi imbalances without even touching you, and so the list goes on.

     This was not a display of some magic tricks. These children were able to access their natural intuitive capabilities, something that we are all born with.

     Unfortunately, the current education system does not train children to open up to their intuitive capability but rather makes them rely only on logic and disbelieve their capability.

“It was moving to hear the wonderful experiences shared by parents of how their children’s grades are improving & how their attitude & behavior has changed for the better after the program. ” - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We are all born with a naturally intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses and this is especially visible in children, whose minds are still fresh, less obsessive and more in tune with nature. As we grow older, our modern lifestyle overloads us with information and stresses our mind, which obscures this innate intuitive capacity.

To make these faculties blossom and get more established, the mind needs proper nurturing and nourishment. Prajna Yoga, a beautiful process designed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for children between 5-18 years old, helps kindle their intuitive ability and gives them the confidence to act on their gut feelings.

Children, unlike adults, live in a world full of possibilities. If they learn to listen to their inner wisdom, their own intuition (rather than just information), genius would be common. Over 35,000 children in India have done the program since its launch in Navratri of 2015. Programs are now being conducted in Hong Kong, China, Germany, U.S.A., and Canada as well. Children who have done the program are showing all-around improvement in their studies, in sports, and in their behavior patterns. Many visually impaired children have stopped using Braille to read after undergoing the process. Prajna Yoga is all set to ring in a revolution in education.