Fun Time for the Old and Lonely in Bhilai

     The old and lonely people in Bhilai were treated to a day full of fun and companionship at a felicitation ceremony organized by The Art of Living in association with Bharat Parishad on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons on October 1, 2018. The elders underwent a free medical screening on the occasion.

     They also received valuable tips on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes appropriate for their age and weight. Volunteers demonstrated yoga, pranayama, and meditative techniques that could help them improve their health and keep diseases at bay. The elders also got to participate in several games, quiz, music, bhajan, and jokes competitions.

     When asked what motivated them to organize this event, Ajay Shukla, Art of Living faculty, said that the participants were all lonely, elderly people who were living on their own as their children were either living abroad or working in different towns. These people had money, bungalows, and cars, but had no one to talk to or share their moments of joy or pain.

     The event brought them out of their lonely shells and they had a fun-filled day as they made new friends and participated in games and competitions and learned techniques to maintain good physical and mental health.