“Ek Saal Tumhara, Sundar Desh Hamara” — Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

     Thirty-seven years ago, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had embarked on a visionary journey to make every individual stress-free, every home and community violence-free and bring a smile on every face. To make this possible, he understood the necessity of ushering in development to the grassroots of India, that lay in its villages.

     Thus, he had initiated the 5H program. It worked on multifarious human development activities to improve health, sensitize about hygiene, build habitat with the principle of ‘We Care We Share’, spread human values and establish harmony in diversity. With his untiring and diligent efforts, which has inspired thousands of dynamic volunteers, he reached out to about one lakh villages across India; all this with an underlined spiritual ethos.

     To scale it up further, Gurudev proposed the Project Bharat initiative in June 2018. Herein, The Art of Living volunteers are required to reach out to all the 6.5 lakh villages in India and make at least five gram pratinidhis who will identify the development needs of their villages and spearhead development work, broadly based on the parameters of the 5H program.

     Just as Gurudev says, “sankalp ek shakti hai”, in last few months of taking this sankalp, volunteers have reached out about a one lakh more villages with their outreach efforts. As the volunteers go on identifying new pratinidhis and making them take on their roles, simultaneously the other pratinidhis have started development activities in the domains of Integrated Village Development, Yoga, Agriculture, Ayurveda and spreading Vedic wisdom.

Project Bharat has been received well as a democratic tool of progress by the masses. The Pratinidhi Month in January saw hearty participation from the newly elected pratinidhis all across India.

     On 27th January, in his address to a pan-India online gathering of 60,000 pratinidhis, Gurudev emphasised on a value-based, spiritual and skill driven education. He gave the clarion call to bring together thirty-five lakh pratinidhis before 2021 to build a “sushikshit, surakshit, swaccha Bharat” through joint efforts in Yog and Udyog. Come, let us join hands to make this happen with dexterity and dedication.