After Release From Jail, Lifer Goes Back To Reform Inmates

Dinesh Gujjar received “Krishi Ratna Award” on March 11, 2016 in WCF, at Delhi by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

      A criminal for more than two decades is now instrumental in transforming the lives of so many prisoners after becoming an Art of Living teacher in 2011. Dinesh has spent a large part of his life in prison, with charges including murder, smuggling drugs and carrying arms for the underworld.In Mumbai there was shoot at sight order for him
      Dinesh Gujjar is a Masters in History and has done Hotel Management course through a Government institute. An aggressive youth, Dinesh soon had 36 cases filed against him.  In 1990, he got sentenced to life imprisonment and was transferred to the Udaipur jail. He managed to escape after a year, but realised that society rejected him and the only people whom he could reach out to were in the criminal world. This changed Dinesh into a hardened criminal. He changed his identity, had new passport, driver’s license, and other documents.
    He was captured again and it was during his prison stint in Delhi’s Tihar jail that Dinesh attended the Art of Living Prison Program.This had a tremendous impact on him and enabled him to give up the way of crime.
      In the year 2011, Dinesh was released from prison. He went back to his hometown as a stranger. This time, the entire Art of Living community came forward to help and rehabilitate him.

       He soon decided to become a meditation teacher. Since 2011, he has conducted close to 28 rehabilitation programs in prisons and touched lives of nearly 1500 prisoners. Dinesh is also involved in promoting organic farming skills among farmers.
      He has brought the knowledge of Art of Living to the inmates of jails in Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Bilada. Information about organic farming is also given to prisoners. Under the leadership of Dinesh, more than 6000 saplings were planted. He said, “People do farming with water, but do not do water farming”. I made a water protection model, for the local farmers, on a stretch of 100 feet, nine ditches of 8’ x 8’ were prepared, which allows rain water to penetrate through the earth surface. This saves water and also raises water level.
       Dinesh, decided to involve in more and more service projects. He practiced organic farming and inspired others too by sharing the benefits of organic farming. As a result of his dedication and hard work, he was felicitated with the “Krishi Ratna Award” on March 11, 2016 in “ World Culture Festival “, at Delhi by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The World Culture Festival brought together a multitude of cultures from across the globe to celebrate 35 years of The Art of Living , Over 3.7 Million people from 155 Countries attended this three day event.